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“After years of credibility issues with Concord BMW and other service dealers, I finally disengaged when I found Benicia Motorworks.  Paulo is an expert mechanic that is not focused on up-selling.  His focus is ensuring what is right for the car and the safety of our family.   From my BMW, Benz and Aston Martin he has proven to be a mechanic’s mechanic!  Paulo keeps me informed either by email or phone (my choice) and provides the utmost professional care regardless if the repair is simple or complex.I was very impressed with his past experience in high line cars that I turned the responsibility in maintaining my Aston Martin to Paulo.  His VIP customer service enables me to maintain my schedule and appreciate the added service without spending top dollar dealer priced repairs. It’s worth driving from Walnut Creek for the service and safety Paulo gives to me and my family.  Highly recommended.”   Derek B.

“I had been looking for a personal mechanic and found one in Paulo! Anytime I call him with a problem on any of my vehicles he has been there for me and always fits me into his busy schedule. What a comforting feeling it was to know that Paulo was able to help me with my Mercedes Benz claim so I did not have to take it to a body shop. He was able to do it all! Paulo gives excellent 5 star service! I will continue to refer my AAA customers to Benicia Motorworks.”      Nina Friend

“Best mechanic hands down in the Bay Area! You can forget about taking your car to dealerships where they will charge you an arm and a leg. Paolo is very reasonable and knowledgeable he will make sure he goes over and beyond for all his customers. I’ve only heard so many good things about this shop. Do yourself a favor if you need any work done this is the shop to go to!”      Dan Santiago

“It’s a pleasure to write a review about Paolo and Benicia Motorworks. This is the second time I’ve had him do work on my cars.They are the best I’ve ever worked with. If you want someone who is knowledgeable, listens to you, works in the way that is comfortable for you, cares about the outcome, pays attention to detail and is sensitive to how the car looks – this is the place. And…his rates are fair! Paolo is a gentleman, he will never “rip you off”, he is trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. He definitely goes the extra mile for you. If this review seems too good to be true, trust me, it’s all as I say. If you need work done on your car, give Paolo a try. you won’t regret it, I haven’t.”      Gail Light

“I started taking my Mini Cooper to Benicia Motorworks after being treated like a second-class citizen at Concord BMW when my extended warranty kicked in. It’s been ten years and my Mini is still running strong.
Paulo is a mechanical genius! My Mini has never had an issue that he couldn’t fix, and I have never had to take it back to Benicia Motorworks for the same issue. I can honestly say that if you want your car repaired right, go to Benicia Motorworks.”      Dan Constantino

“My sienna xle was making loud noise. I took it to Toyota dealer. They don’t know what is the problems than I took it to Benicia Motorworks and asked Paulo to check it out. He goes extra miles and beyond for me. He fixed the noise and find out that I need to replace rack and pinion not knowing that my power steering wheel fluid are leaking fast. I know something is wrong with my car. I’m so glad that I took it to Paulo. Now, my sienna run so so smooth like a brand new car again. Benicia Motorworks is a quality auto shop I highly recommend taking your car here!”      Sam Tran

“Getting your car worked not a fun experience and usually money you don’t want to spend. Ultimately you have to do it and you have transportation for work, family, vacations, and all other life activities. I have had many cars over the years and I have always used Paulo for all of my repairs. Paulo manages all details related to your car, offers a fair price, but also he has mastered the art of good old fashioned service. He has even helped with recall items on my car that had to be dealt with by the dealer. He shows up at my door and takes my car. All the while he is a very personable guy with a smile on his face. He communicates the details and gives you your car back in the best shape possible. I would never take my car anywhere else. Paulo is the man for the job.”      Zackry Cooper

“This is my 1st time to bring my ML320 to Benicia Motorworks, and it’s also my pleasure to write the review for Paolo and this shop. My ML320 was down on the road (drove my daughter from Bay area to UC Davis for her Orientation) nearby the Fairfield city. I am not familiar with this area at all but how I decided to tow my car to Benicia MotorWork ? it’s simply because those positive feedbacks with full score ranking posted in here which inspired me to believe it’s the right place to go. I am glad I made the right decision. Paulo just like a Doctor, Car Doctor.
He is so dedicated and responsible, and even spent his extra hours without cost adding to trouble shoot and root cause multiple issues for my 15 years old car with explanations in detail. After repairing the shift lever control module diagnostic wire terminal, and replacing the fuel pump and fuel filter, my car backs to normal. I am now comfortable to drive this old car for a long trip again. Thanks Paulo, I respect your knowledge and impress your passion on the car, and want to recommend this shop to others.”      Kuoli Chang

“Brought them my f-250 for a tranni service. used all oem ford parts. quick turn around time. he works on everything not just European which I didn’t know. will do more business. thanks Paulo and your tech’s.”      RAS Lyle

“My CRV was wrecked and in need of major work-Paulo made all arrangements to get my vehicle to his shop and went above and beyond in the repairs he made and the service he provided. I have had several opportunities over the past 10 years to witness first hand the outstanding work/service Paulo provides and I can honestly say I have never encountered a better mechanic or more accommodating business man. This day and age it is so difficult to find a trustworthy and reliable mechanic to service your vehicle-Too many crooks out there-I tell my family, friends, and neighbors “Go to Benicia Motorworks and see PAULO”—and to anyone reading this Go to Benicia Motorworks and see PAULO!!!      Sierra Beard

“I’ve been using Benicia Motorworks for a little over a year now. Paulo and his team are great. Good prices, super quality work, and will always go the extra mile for you. Just last night I had to drop my BMW late last night after getting towed to his place. He made sure we had access to his lot and could secure my car. He even did an oil change for me on the weekend once when he was closed so I didn’t have to use Jiffy Lube (which had previously totally broke my oil filter cover causing an oil leak and the part being replaced byPaulo). I also take my daughter’s VW Passat there too!”     Stephen Wheet

“Owning one classic, two British and a Jeep had me going to three different mechanics. After searching for two years I found Paulo who is excellent at diagnosing and completing repairs. Perhaps the most important factor to me was that he gives excellent service and it is done correctly the first time at reasonable rates.” Tom vonNovak

“Paulo does a great job on my vehicles. Always friendly and convenient to meet my schedule.”      Cory Stanhope

“I have been taking all my cars (BMWs, Hondas, Toyotas) to Paulo at Benicia Motorworks as long as he has been in business and have nothing but great service, fair prices, and best of all – when my car is repaired, it stays repaired. The minute my cars are off the dealer warranties I start taking them to Paulo. He has up to date equipment and again, great service. Since then I have recommended Paulo to friends, neighbors, and family members – all have had great things to say about their experience. Thrilled that I found Paulo and Benicia Motorworks.”      Scott Hooker

“Picked up a used BMW 740il and brought it in for a water leak diagnosis. I couldn’t find the exact location but suspected the valley pan. Sure enough it was indeed the valley pan which is an easy but pain to get to job. Paulo was also able to diagnose a few more things for me and then some. He went above and beyond to point out things that needed to be done ASAP as well as things that could wait. There was no pressure for the repairs to happen and they could have had my vehicle done in about 2 days but I decided to get rid of this car and not deal with all its issues.”
I have had plenty of German cars and its good to know I have a go to place in town!”      Marlon Ostil

“I like to drive my cars for many years and for many many years I have been taking them all to Paulo (owner) at Benicia Motorworks. Paulo is a master mechanic and a gracious and expert partner in keeping my cars in top running order.
Paulo just replaced my transmission and totally reconditioned my much loved 2004 Volvo XC70 at 100k miles and the next day I took it on a 2000 mile trip across the Senora Desert. It performed like the dream Volvo designed it to be when it was new. Same for my BMW’s and my Ford! Thanks Paulo and the team at Benicia Motorworks!”      Jon Lucca

“We’ve been going to Paolo at Benicia Motorworks for several years. He keeps our 3 old cars-a Nissan, a Plymouth and a BMW-running like new. He is careful and thorough. We recommend him highly.”   Jan White

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