Restoring your classic vehicle to a better than new condition

When you decide to restore that classic automobile to factory specs or modernizing to today’s standards, you have made a significant decision that will take time, patience and expertise. Paulo is an expert at helping you define the scope of your restoration and work with you from beginning to final automotive masterpiece.

The restoration process is always unique for very vehicle we lovingly restore. There can be a variety of unique challenges from finding the right parts to undoing previous repairs or modifications. Under the personal direction of Paulo, Benicia Motorworks has the experience, skills and resources necessary to restore your special auto back to the specific project objectives you desire.

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“I like to drive my cars for many years and for many many years I have been taking them all to Paulo (owner) at Benicia Motorworks. Paulo is a master mechanic and a gracious and expert partner in keeping my cars in top running order.

Paulo just replaced my transmission and totally reconditioned my much loved 2004 Volvo XC70 at 100k miles and the next day I took it on a 2000 mile trip across the Senora Desert. It performed like the dream Volvo designed it to be when it was new. Same for my BMW’s and my Ford! Thanks Paulo and the team at Benicia Motorworks!”

Jon Lucca


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